Back at it

I realized that I’ve kept this tiny space on the World Wide Web on hiatus long enough, so today, on my 27th birthday, I am (again, after years) writing a blog entry. Say hello to this new place, where I’ll be penning some thoughts at from time to time.

I have never felt apprehensive of the thought of people reading the things I write and publish. I’ve always thought of blogs as an extension of an individual online, a personal space in the World Wide Web, where one can just be his/her true self. To this day, I still marvel at how blogs connect us in so many different ways, like how a single line in my blog entries before would have an effect on somebody and how they would mention it to me when they see me in person. I know a lot of bloggers that I look up to, because I feel connected to them through common personal experiences that they very generously share through writing. Fundamentally, I think a personal blog has always been intended to – and should always and ultimately be – about the person that owns it, so let me make this first entry about myself.

My life as a digital native started early. I would always tell people that I began this whole crazy internet thing when I was only 11-12 years old, during the good old days of dial-up internet using ISP Bonanza card (100 pesos for 20 hours!), Friendster as the primary social network (500 friends limit, kids), and this peculiar place where everyone converged: the glorious mIRC. From that time on, I learned basic HTML coding through self-study and translated my skillz that killz to my first ever blog in I was 13 years old then. And my blog URL was me, Universe.

In that blog, I remember documenting my daily life as a teen overachiever, putting down in writing my thoughts and feelings about specific subjects (from “Meteor Garden and why I prefer Hua Ze Lei over Dao Ming Su” to my ramblings on “Ibong Adarna” and “Mythology” by Edith Hamilton real quick). I would also write about my daily activities, even putting significant events that happened during the day on a per-hour basis, sort of like a daily schedule. I was that organized even when I was still young!

But it wasn’t all geekery. I also remember writing poems and composing songs about people I love, because for a time I was a self-confessed hopeless romantic-bordering-emo kid. I would write open letters to boys I had a crush on, people I didn’t like, and letters to my future self. I would write in non-awkward, guilt-free, straight Filipino. Also, jologs na kung jologs, but I even remember posting my solo studio pics, doing a commentary on colored skinny jeans when it was still uso, and uploading photos of me wearing the iconic shutter shades. My tone was the classy type of kalog and jologs, nothing crass or tacky like your drunk uncle in family reunions. Suffice to say, I believe Kris Aquino and Mother Divine Lee would be very proud of me.

You see, even then, in things I would write and say, I have always expressed myself openly and remained authentic all the way. People tell me that whenever they would read things I write, it’s like they really hear my voice and imagine me using the same words and saying things the same way if I were to talk in person.

The old blog had a short but meaningful life, transitioning from Geocities in 2002, to Multiply in 2004, to Tumblr in 2006, and finally to Livejournal in 2008, where it peacefully passed on in 2009 (because BS Management Engineering-level of Accounting happened).

Fast forward to eight years and many heartbreaks and challenges later, here we are – still the same classy type of kalog and jologs that Mother D and Krissy would be proud of, but what’s probably new is that I now have firmly ingrained within me a stronger sense of self, deep-rooted core values, and even more interesting journeys of discovery. I’d like to write about things I think about while stuck in traffic, my experiences as a startup entrepreneur, places I visit, events I go to, food I eat, people I meet and look up to, principles I believe in, my life goals, and many other things that baffle and amaze me.

What I only ask from you is to take things in and share life with me, and hope you can drop me a line or two every now and then. ? Now, let’s get it on!

Ace is a twenty-something entrepreneur. She likes colorful objects, is fond of collecting happy thoughts, and loves basking in things that money can't buy.